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Window Washer 6.5

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As you work on your computer and browse the Internet, you leave behind traces of your activity. This information not only takes up valuable disk space but also jeopardizes your privacy. Window Washer simply and safely wipes your tracks clean and removes unnecessary files for complete privacy and improved PC performance.

 Scrubs hundreds of areas on your PC to remove unnecessary files to ensure your privacy and free up valuable disk space.
 Cleans all aspects of your Internet browser activity, including Internet history, address bar, cache, cookies, and more.
 Eliminates useless files that clog your hard drive and slow down your PC
 Washes free space on your computer that contains portions of old and previously deleted files and documents.


Author: Webroot
Platform: Windows All
File Size: 3138 kb
License: Shareware, $29.95
Last Updated: Aug 16, 2007

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